3×3 GAN 12 MagLev

3×3 GAN 12 MagLev


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The GAN12 MagLev 3×3 is the pinnacle of innovation and design in speedcubing. This cube has everything from customisable magnets in the pieces, adjustable tension, to low friction using MagLev technology. With MagLev technology, GAN uses repelling magnets to keep the tension on the cube. This eliminates the need for springs and minimises friction and noise during rotation.

In the box you’ll find:
– Explanation for setting the cube
– GAN cube case
– GAN cube bag
– Explanations for solving
– Setting tools
– GAN ID-card

This cube is also available in the Leap version, with springs instead of MagLev technology.

Note: GAN-cubes are fragile, don’t let your cube fall on the ground.