GAN Pyraminx Standard

GAN Pyraminx Standard


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This Pyraminx is the first pyraminx produced by the well known manufacturer Gan. This pyraminx can compete with the best pyra’s on the market.
The magnets are placed in a new way, to make the cube faster. The honeycomb design on the adjecent area’s make sure your cube turns smoothly and fast. This cube has a cornercut of 120 degrees.

With only 64 gr this cube is a very light cube, designed for the competative pyraminxer.

Three variants
This pyraminx is available in 3 variants:
Standard: the basic version of this puzzle, with one set of GES nuts and magnets in the core for the edge pieces.
Explorer: the Standard version with extra GES nuts.
Enhanced: the Explorer version extended with extra magnets between the centre pieces and edges.