YJ TianYuan O2 Cubes 1 2 3

YJ TianYuan O2 Cubes 1 2 3


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These funny puzzles from YJ are a new challenge for anyone who loves cubes.

The V1 can be partially scrambled and you won’t know it! The outer part of this puzzle covers all the edges. That means you have to make a partial turn to see what state the puzzle is in. Try this tricky puzzle and see if you can solve it!

The V2 gives you space to see what happens when you turn the pieces. The outer frame does not rotate. Solve the middle and edges by rotating the middle part of this puzzle.

The V3 is the most complicated puzzle in this series. Besides the centre and edges that are solved by rotating the centre section, this puzzle also has corners on the outside that can be solved independently. How long will it take you to solve this puzzle?

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V1, V2, V3