CubeDiction is sponsoring promising speedcubers.

We proudly present the sponsored speedcubers:

Mark Bennis

Mark has long been one of the top pyraminxers in the Netherlands, but at the moment he is mainly focusing on big-cubes. Besides cubing, Mark also engages in triathlon and with that too he commands respect. We are happy to see Mark proudly wearing the CubeDiction jersey.

Olivier Vos

Olivier is our king on blind events. He is Dutch Champion on 3×3 blind and holder of the Dutch record on the 3×3 blind, 5×5 blind and multi-blind.
Olivier is also super good at 3×3 and at one-handed.

Ivo Stoutjesdijk

Ivo is an all-round top performer. He is on the podium several times just about every competition he competes in and regularly wins an event. He holds the Dutch record for 4×4 blind mean.

Timo Regoor

Clock is a rising event in the Netherlands and Timo is one of the best in this discipline. But he also stands his ground in other events, such as One-handed. He has been cubing since 2019 and we are happy that he also wants to wear the CubeDiction jersey.

Tristan Jansen

Tristan is a real cube talent. He entered his first competition in June 2018 and immediately made a big impression. Meanwhile, he is 6th in the Netherlands and creeping close to the top five.

Simone Ohler

Simone is our German star. She travels all over Europe for competitions and everywhere she brightens up the venue with her presence. Simone’s best event is Clock, but she cannot be underestimated on blind events either.

Guillaume David

Guillaume is one of the best speedcubers in Belgium, if not the best. He holds the national record 5×5 and 6×6 single and average and is in the top 10 in Belgium in almost all events. A real winner, then!

Robin Verstraten

Robin has been competing in cube competitions since 2012 and has been the best Dutch speedcuber on the Pyraminx since September 2016. In this section, he has already won more than 30 matches.

Tijmen van der Ree

Tijmen has been the undisputed square-1 champion for years. With 2x third place at the European Championships and a former world record, Tijmen is a good ambassador for CubeDiction.

Who is eligible for sponsorship?
You are eligible for sponsorship if you meet the following requirements:
-You participate in at least 7 WCA competitions a year
-For at least one event, you are in the top 5-average of the Netherlands or
-You are ranked in the top 5 in sum of ranks

What do we expect from you?
-You will wear a CubeDiction T-shirt (provided by us)
-You behave like a worthy representative of CubeDiction

What can you expect from us?
Being a sponsored speedcuber you will receive T-shirts with your name on the back and the CubeDiction logo on the front. In addition, you can order a products from our store for a fixed amount of money. This amount is agreed upon at the beginning of the year.


The photos on this page were taken by Irene Driessen.